Program 2020

Yes, we Are EXCITED AS WELL...

Our AWARD WINNERS will be officially announced at the live screenings... and you can vote your favourite film of the evening!

Friday — First Evening

StartinG aBout 8 p.m.

  • Good Job (Piotr Biedroń - Poland)
  • Party Busters (Patrick Büchting - Germany)
  • myBorder's joyFence                             (Michael Kranz - Germany)
  • Blue Ashes (Thaddeus Christandl - France)



  • Daughter (Daria Kashcheeva - Czech Republic)
  • Starting off with a Bang                     (Matthieu Morandeau - France)
  • At Night, I Dream                            (Frédérique Buck - Luxembourg)

Saturday — Second Evening

StartinG aBout 8 p.m.

  • The Butterfly Love Song                            (Luke Morgan - Ireland)
  • The Pubic Hair (Carolin Glomp - Germany)
  • Saved (Maximilian Alexander Carus - Germany)
  • Ringo Rocket Star and his Song for Yuri Gagarin (Rene Nuijens - Netherlands)


  • Postpartum (Henriette Rietz - Germany)
  • Sincerely Yours (Ali Memarchi - Sweden)
  • Good Catch (Jan Chramosta - Czech Republic)
  • Orion (Marius Kast - Germany)


Sunday — Third Evening

StartinG aBout 8 p.m.

  • The One Who Crossed the Sea                 (Jonas Riemer - Germany)
  • El Puncho del Diablo                               (Sascha Patrick Senicer - Germany)
  • Kimberly (Holger Rada - Germany)
  • A Gift (Marta Aleksandra Przybysz - Poland)


  • Bless Me, Father (Boubkar Benzabat - France)
  • 1971 (Magnus Häll - Sweden)
  • Upstream                                               (Adriana Martins da Silva -            Portugal/New Zealand)

You can download and/or print the PDF document of each evening. It serves as a program guide and a voting ballot for the AUDIENCE AWARD at the same time:

Still want to know some more about our participating filmmakers?

If you are into screenwriting, you might be interested in following this great project by Alexander Menu & Michael Vermaercke:


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September 18 to 20, 2020



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