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Our festival — a social project

with a benefit for filmmakers and citizens.

The initial roots of the E&U European Short Film Festival are two befriended filmmakers — one of them being a local from the recently built Europaviertel ("Europe District") in Frankfurt-Gallus, who wanted to do something good for his neighborhood. The Europaviertel was still new then, today's EU is yet quite new as well...


Under the roof of the city's social program Active Neighborhood we got together with the community manager Rudolf Fleckenstein to offer an open and low threshold film event without any entrance fees. We are passionate about it and hope that you like it, too.

A great team

makes a splendid film festival.

You cannot organize a film festival on your own. That's why we are lucky to have a great team of voluntarily working experts.

We are also super nice people and know that we do not know everything about film events yet. But there's a certain charm to our way and we love how our project is already developing.


And we think our European theme is important, because we need a better social cohesion within the European Union. Each member of our festival staff, coming together from several participating partner organizations, works for an open and balanced society on a daily basis — in Germany, Europe and everywhere in the world.

An international competition

with three endowed main awards and three audience awards.

We mean to provide a platform for exchanging Europe's film culture.

We are glad to have had once more films and screenplays from 16 different EU members. With a manifold range from "smaller" to rather well known countries.


Among the entries were many great short films from an amateur level to works of popular and acclaimed industry professionals. In our competition Best Short Film from the European Union two female film directors won a main award, which we think is great, since we strongly endorse diversity.

Three Days

with films, food and live music.


From Friday evening until Sunday night we had a great time with our live audience. Even if the crowd was limited by number (due to coronavirus regulations) everybody could enjoy the local community of short film fanatics at the Teves area, yummy international food and cocktails prepared by our gourmet fellows Pierre and Ahmed, great live music and interviews with three filmmakers. Plus the magnificent films of course.


You are invited to get a taste of what fun we had or restore your memories with some photos and a music video.


Robert Nielbock — Festival Director

E&U European Short Film Festival

Geisenheimer Str. 121

60529 Frankfurt am Main





TEL: +49 (0)173 2112419




Friday to Sunday from 6 p.m. on

September 18 to 20, 2020



Teves Area / Teves-Gelände

Rebstöcker Straße 49

60326 Frankfurt am Main