Congratulations to winning the first AUDIENCE AWARD (endowed with 100 €) /

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn des ersten Publikumspreises (dotiert mit 100 €):

"myBorder's joyFence" by Michael Kranz

Congratulations to winning the second AUDIENCE AWARD (endowed with 100 €) /

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewinn des zweiten Publikumspreises (dotiert mit 100 €):

"Orion" by Marius Kast

NEXT EVENT of the E&U Festival:

FREE ENTRANCE — Just please read the recent informations under "Event" before visiting.

Thank you and see you soon!


FREIER EINTRITT — Jedoch informieren Sie sich bitte vorab auf der "Event"-Unterseite, wenn Sie uns besuchen möchten.

Vielen Dank und bis bald!


-E&U Team

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Celebrate with us the diverse film culture within the European Union.

7 awards with a total value of 1000 € are awaiting you!

Our festival — a social project

with a benefit for filmmakers and citizens.

The initial roots of the E&U European Short Film Festival are two befriended filmmakers — one of them a local from the Europaviertel in Gallus, who wanted to do something good for his neighborhood. Sometimes it's just that simple...


With the support of the city's social Active Neighborhood program and the Community Management we got together to offer an open and low threshold film event without any entrance fees. We are passionate about it and hope that you like it as well.

A great team

makes a splendid film festival.

You cannot organize a film festival on your own. That's why we are lucky to have a great team of voluntarily working experts.

We are also super nice people and know that we do not know everything about film events yet. But there's a certain charm to our way, plus we love learning.


And we think our European theme is important. Our bilingual host for example, Dr. Harpreet Cholia, holds a degree in European Studies and knows what she's talking about when it comes to the EU: She has a British and a German passport.

An international competition

with three categories and participants from around the world.

We mean to provide a platform for exchanging Europe's diverse film culture.

We are glad to have had filmmakers from 16 countries submitting their films in the first year.

With our main competition Best Short Film from the European Union we clearly focus on European entries. Female directors and producers from so called "smaller" countries should feel most encouraged to hand in their work, since we strongly endorse diversity.

Three Event dates

with films, food and live music.

As an open-air event we are reliant to good weather — fair enough that we had a nice, long summer, with sunny days even in September.

Our audience enjoyed the authentic food and beverages for donations and the musicians from the Spanish Parents Association presented traditional music during the programming break.

When it was not that sunny anymore the third event took place inside the Intergenerational House Project (Mehrgenerationenhaus) at Idsteiner Straße.


You are invited to browse our gallery, read more about the E&U festival on the further sites and join our next screening event in September 2020.

We see you there.


Robert Nielbock — Festival Director

E&U European Short Film Festival

Geisenheimer Str. 121

60529 Frankfurt am Main





TEL: +49 (0)173 2112419




Friday to Sunday from 6 p.m. on

September 18 to 20, 2020



Teves Area / Teves-Gelände

Rebstöcker Straße 49

60326 Frankfurt am Main